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Why Send Lenticular Postcards?

Lenticular Postcards -- How much do they cost?

  • Lenticular postcards cost more than conventional postcards.
  • Lenticular postcards cost less than conventional postcards.
  • Compared to the standard 1% to 1.5% rate of response, lenticular postcards can dramatically increase the response to your next mailing to 15%, 20%, 25% or more, depending on your offer. One of our customers reported an astounding response to the lenticular mailing she sent out for her tanning salon – more than 70%.
  • Kodak research discovered that more than 90% of those who receive a lenticular postcard, keep it. How many people keep the standard promotional postcards they get?
  • Instead of discarding lenticular postcards, people "play" with them, keep them, and show them around. So the response can grow and keep coming in over a long period of time.
  • In addition, lenticular flip, motion or 3D postcards are memorable. The message-retention rate is at least three times that of a standard postcard with a similar design.
  • Historically, it takes at least three mailings before people take note of a standard postcard and consider making an inquiry.
  • You only have to send a lenticular postcard once to establish yourself and make a powerful impact. That means big savings in mailing costs and postage.
  • And look at the time you save by making an instant impact!
  • If it's a pre-trade-show mailer, the impression you make is all-important in helping to drive customers to your booth.
  • To help reinforce your theme, we can also make spectacular lenticular panels for your trade show booth, backlit or reflective, up to 44" wide x 96" high.
  • To set yourself even more apart from the crowd, send a post-show lenticular mailer and lenticular business card to those who visited your booth.
  • Lenticular postcards may cost more to design and produce -- but all things considered, as an advertising investment, research shows that they can be a much better deal and get a much faster response.
  • Send out one mailing instead of three or four. Then divide your total advertising investment by the size of response. With lenticular, it's hard to go wrong!

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