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"...thank you for everything you have done and all of your help, patience, and expertise throughout the project. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to us working together in the future! Thanks again!"

Multimedia Designer
New Brunswick, NJ

"The double sided lenticular panel ... looks amazing :) Thank you."

Miami, FL

"The [lenticular] posters turned out GREAT!  There is much love ... in the office for them. Again, thank you for such a great job."
Event Production Supervisor
Chicago, IL

"We reviewed the [lenticular] sample you sent with our team and it was well received. It looks fantastic! Thanks for all of your help!"

Senior Design Manager
Chicago, IL

"I received the proofs today for this job, they look awesome!! I sent one to the rep. I will let you know what she has to say. I'm sure they will like these."

"Good Afternoon ... I just received the lenticulars, they look great!!! Thank you."

Cover Specialist
Kansas City, MO

"This has been a great experience and look forward to doing more work with you. Thanks."

Project Manager
Riverwoods, IL

"Thanks John, and thanks again for all of your help on this program! ... That was just a one time job but they loved it!"

Creative Director
Madison Avenue
New York, NY

"I received the lenticular prints yesterday and they look great!! Thanks so much." 

St. Louis, MO

"We got the cards yesterday.  They look great! Thank you so much. Cheers."

Sunderland, MA

"Chris and the customer love the graphic [set of large lenticular panels]."

Milwaukee, WI

"I will see you this afternoon to deliver and discuss the large lenticular graphic for the trade show display and to pick up the remainder of the cards. The cards were a big hit in Germany! Well done."

Marketing Director
Germantown, WI

"LOVED the rulers. Thanks so much for making that happen. Hope to work with you again in the future…"

Science Outreach and Education Specialist
Bozeman, MT

"Those silly butterflies ROCK! ... They are GREAT! I've just finished touring the office [to] show everyone! Really great – THANK YOU!"

Convention Manager, Strategic Marketing Operations
Alameda, CA

"...our client was extremely pleased with the work we(you) have performed to date. OUTSTANDING!!! We have surpassed their expectations and even exceeded a standard they had in place from previous suppliers. Well Done!"

Account Executive
Grafton, WI

"Thanks for the cards – they look great! ... Cheers,"

Toronto, ON

"Got the samples yesterday, they are fantastic! Thank you for the extra effort!"

Creative Director
Oxnard, CA

"Everything was great! I will definitely be calling you again for more lenticulars! ..Thank you for the job!"

Marketing Executive
San Jose, CA

"Everything arrived today, it looks amazing!"

Marketing Communicatins Coordinator
Shelton CT

"Just got home with my box of re-ordered lenticular cards, they are even more amazing than the first incredible batch. ... The upgraded full colored graphic is fantastic. I can't wait to pass them out at this year's convention in July. Please be sure to send a few of your cards for TMC Marketing and I will pass them out to people who inquire. Thanks again for all of your expert service."

New York, NY

"The large lenticulars you made for us last year worked very well, and the color invitations turned out to be a hit! Our customers got all nostalgic on us, and their concern was that we would take the invites away from them :) So.....are you interested in making lenticular refrigerator magnets for us?"

VP of Operations and Marketing
Evanston, IL

"Thank you for helping us make our rather nerve-racking deadlines!"

Fayetteville, AR 72701

"Thanks John! It has been great working with you! We will keep you in mind again!"

—Betsey (Owner)
—Ashley (Graphic Designer)
New York, NY

"Got it, love it. Great job. Please send invoice."

Hackensack, NJ

"I ended up not being able to make it to the event yesterday, but I'm hearing A LOT of positive feedback on the cards. Thank you so much for all your help and for going above and beyond to get these done for us in time. It has been a great pleasure to work with you. I hope to be able to do so again in the future, hopefully with a better timeframe for both our sakes! Cheers,"

Toronto, ON

"Just forwarding you this very positive comment from our in-house client regarding the cards we ordered from you! Another feather for your cap!"

Forwarded Message from: Kama
Subject: RE: THANK YOU!
"The lenticular cards were a HIT!  The requests are still coming in – I should've ordered more!"

Toronto, ON

"I am so happy with this postcard job. I just received the box this morning, and they look fantastic!! So I'm passing them around at the office, and I'm starting to get questions from people on where we can get this done, and comments about how we may want to do something similar for other projects. Everyone wants one. And I tell them, if you want to do a lenticular job, I've got a good contact, because they (TMC Marketing) were great to work with. Thank you for all your guidance in this project, John!"

Atlanta, GA

"I received your package and the cards look great!  I'm very happy with this product and appreciate your quick responses with everything I needed along the way. That is something that I look for when considering repeat orders and I will most definitely be doing so with you.  I got that sample packet and it definitely gave me some fun ideas as to our next few projects together."

Chicago, IL

"My client loves 'em! ... – Harlan loves the postcards. Thank you for all your help.  Hopefully, we get to do some business together again."

Music and Design
San Francisco, CA

"We are glad we chose to do business with you because the final product [lenticular labels] exceeded our expectations! Thank you again Sir."

Lead Hill AR

"They loved the prints [lenticular cards] ... Just to inform you that L'Oréal was very happy with the result!"
Oslo, Norway

"[LENTICULAR] POSTCARDS LOOK GREAT --- Can't Wait for E. [the company president] to See Them ; )"

Graphic Designer
Lewisville, TX

Lenticular Design, Printing & Finishing

TMC designs, prints and produces custom lenticular cards, promotional products & lenticular displays. Lenticular effects include 3D-Depth, Flip, Morph, and Motion/Animation.

Are you a printer, broker, ASI member, ad agency or marketing firm in need of a lenticular source? We offer complete lenticular services: design, consultation, file preparation, plating, printing, finishing, and fulfillment. Call 262-703-9999. Ask for John Trapp.

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